Success with a Vision

Is it possible to have Success without a Vision?  I don’t know about you but I think not and we cannot have Success without a journey.  Most of us humans that believe in Success know that it does not come without work, dedication and a lot of faith in ourself.  Right?  We know that it does not always work overnight and our patience is something we must work on while working on our Success.  I like to think that I have already achieved Success in several parts of my life because there are so many things that relates to Success, not just our job, how much or how little money we have but the trials we have come through and if we have survived life to this point; we are Successful and we had a Vision of some sort.  I can’t imagine life without some sort of challenge, it would not be life and when working for our Success, we must remember there are ups and down there also.  The downs/mistakes/trails/failures and any other side track from what we are trying to do…will help us in the end, if we have the Vision to keep on working hard at it.   There is nothing in life that is easy, so we have to face up to hinderances every now and then and let these bring us new knowledge, a reason to keep going at it when nothing seems to be flowing right.

If we have Vision for reaching higher for what we want, then nothing on earth will stop us.  We should be sure that we are reaching for the right things, doing the right things and saying the right things or we will at some point reap the benefits of things that are wrong.  I fully believe we reap what we sow… On the other hand we will reap great blessing if we have our faith in the right places, present ourself with integrity and be good to others.  If we work hard, that is deifinitely something no one can take away and when we work hard, we reap the benefits of our labor.  Knowing what is right for us helps us make the right choices; lesson one means we have to find a way to make sure we are headed in the right direction.

It has to right for us, not something someone else wants us to do.  We have to have the ability and focus to do whatever it is and most of all enjoy, have a passion and see the end results in our mind.  Without a Vision, we do not get far. 

Plain and simple Success come with a Vision of the end results…

A Vision or a Mirage
Success is a Journey


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